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Sumptuous Savory Snacks for Keto Gains

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

That bag of chips is calling for you, and seems irresitible. Tha cavalry is coming! We found lots and lots of savory snacks that are great for Keto Gains!

Did you know that Pork Rinds have





Favorite Keto snack that we've found!

In addition to pork rinds there are other salty and savory snacks wtih low levels of carbs. Many of these are cheese based snacks, but don't forget that block cheese and sausage are also a fantastic Keto snack. Here are our favorites, and we hope that you put some in a basket on your counter so that you grab for them before you reach for the chips.

Here is the big, 'ol barrel of Pork Rinds that we place right on our counter. It is so helpful to have it in arms reach when that need for a snack rears its ugly head.

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ParmCrisps are a bit like potato chips, but made with cheese. They come in a variety of flavors and have only 2 to 6 grams of carbs per bag (depending upon the flavor). We have a basket on the counter for these snacks so that they are readily available. Click HERE to buy NOW!

Fat Snax are crackers made of almond flour, and they are delicious! These snacks are crunch, flavorful, and are very low in carbs. Have a package of these handy to cancel the crave! Click HERE to buy NOW!

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