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Must. Have. Waffles. Need Keto Gains!

Updated: May 19, 2022

It sounds daunting to imagine a breakfast with no toast, no waffles, no carbs. But some creative bakers have come up with excellent products that solve the Keto Gains dilemma

No need to panic, help is near! Below is a list of tried and true products that helped to take the edge off of that need for breakfast carbs.

The toast dilemma is solved with Sola Sweet and Buttery Bread. Oh my

gosh, what a relief! We can now have toast with our omelets and fried eggs. We can also have....wait for it.....FRENCH TOAST! You'll love the texture and flavor of this low-carb treat.

Press HERE to buy Sola Bread NOW!

What about those waffles we promised you? SOLVED! We love the taste of Keto & Co. Pancake and Waffle baking mix. This makes the best waffle that we've tasted. The mix makes about 4 waffles and we slather them with butter.

Press HERE to buy Keto Waffle & Pancake mix NOW!

So waffles and french toast just don't taste great unless there is syrup. We've got that too!! There are lots of syrups available, but the one that we've found tastes most like our maple syrup is made of monk fruit and allulose. This has syrup has 28g of carbs, but no sugars.

We tried a LOT of Keto syrups, and in our opinion this one was spectacular. Press HERE to buy Keto Maple Syrup.

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