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Meat Cuts

Hey There

Bill and Kate Cornell advocate the Keto diet for those who want to pump up their muscle mass and lose weight. Bill is a power lifter from a young age, and knows the power of protein to achieve massive gains. 

All About Us

We had fallen off the protien wagon and gained far too much weight. Our Keto journey reignited when Bill experienced, and survived, sudden death syndrome and the coma that followed. Once he returned home from rehab, all of his muscle mass was gone. He needed to build up his muscles to get strong enough to walk again. 


We decided to go back to a protein based diet, and found that Keto was simple, easy to follow, and worked.  Using the Keto diet is building up the lost muscle, and Bill continues to progress in his recovery.


Our mission is to share our experiences, learnings, tips, tricks and hows to help you achieve the success that you desire.

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